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Our Mission

Every day, thousands of non-profits struggle to get the funds they need to thrive. Many people can’t afford to keep their non-profits operating, forcing them to shut their doors before their dreams ever come to life. Imagine a world where non-profits were given the tools they need to really succeed. Imagine how different the world would be if every charity had the funds needed to achieve their goals and continue to grow. We plan to make this happen. We give every non-profit an equal chance to succeed by developing beautiful donation pages that are affordable on any budget. After that, we provide marketing plans that get donors to come to their new page and subscribe to their cause.


Beautiful Designs

We use a template to provide fast setup that’s specifically tailored to the needs of a non-profit. Click the link below to see the full demo of our charity website.


Trusted Brand

We perform background checks on the charities we build for, so people can donate with confidence to any site that has our approval.

Dreamrz Trusted Brand

Free Monthly Donation Page

Work with a developer who will take the hassle out of building your profile. Our profiles inspire people to donate monthly using automatic debit card payments. Donors can cancel their subscription at any time.

Free Domain Name

Domain names can be difficult and confusing to set up. We’ll cover the annual costs of registering your domain name and setup. Your page will have a domain name such as “”.

Free Marketing Plan

We truly want your non-profit to have everything it needs to succeed. Upon completing your profile, we’ll give you a marketing plan that will bring monthly donors to your organization.


Monthly Income

If your organization is searching for regular donations, then you need Dreamrz. Your custom profile will have people donating on a recurring monthly basis using automatic payments and unlimited pricing options.


Help Us Cover

In order to keep providing this amazing service, we need a little help covering a few things. We’ve kept our expenses to a minimum in order to stay affordable on any budget.

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Web Hosting

$29 a month helps cover the expenses of keeping your website online and the software behind it. 

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Partners of Donorbox request a small percentage of each transaction. Visit their website to learn more.


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If you’re ready to start earning monthly donations, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

Dreamrz – Start Earning Monthly Donations For Your Non-Profit

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