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Main Features

Features Included In All Plans:

Donation Tracking

Utilize the power of Donorbox to track monthly donor transactions and easily calculate future income estimates.

Auto-Pay Donation Form

Give donors the option to make automatic monthly donations and start receiving regular monthly income.

Custom Domain Name

Choose your own domain name. We’ll tell you if it’s available and take care of the annual registration fees.

High Speed VPS Hosting

Make sure your website stays visible to the rest of the world through Dreamrz fast and reliable VPS web hosting. 

Secure SSL Certificate

Display the icon in the donor’s search bar, letting them know that their information is kept safe on your site.

Regular Site Updates

Get monthly development hours that you can use to have an expert make updates and changes to your site.

3D Motion & Animations

Grab the attention of potential donors with features like 3D motion effects and custom hover animations.

Slideshow Image Gallery

Show the world your true colors using an interactive photo gallery with advanced popup viewing features.

Website Optimization

Experts will optimize every photo and element on your website to ensure that it loads fast and stays user friendly.

Stock Photography

Low on photos? Experts can use high resolution stock photography and still make your website look stunning.

Video Backgrounds

Add life to your website with captivating video backgrounds that take advantage of licensed stock videography.

Photo Quality Boosts

Every photograph you send is evaluated by a Dreamrz expert and enhanced to look amazing on your new website.

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